This collection of Yoga and India inspired necklace and bracelet designs features luscious, vivid and exotic gemstones, enhanced with mudra, hamsa, Buddha and om charms, in sterling silver and vermeil.

Featured gemstones include rubies, alexandrite, sapphires, lapis lazuli, tanzanite, zircon, toumaline and moonstone.

All to enhance your good karma! 



In Buddhism, dharma has two meanings. First, it refers to the teachings of the Buddha and other  teachers . It also  refers to all mental phenomena (form, feelings, impulses, perceptions, consciousness).

In Hinduism, dharma is viewed as the underlying regulator of the universe. It is the principle of harmony and regularity, and thus provides a moral basis to all actions.

Mudras are a silent language of self-expression used in Hindu and Buddhist teachings. Mudra hand gestures or poses are often used in yoga practice, meditation, and for healing purposes.

The symbol of OM is   the primordial sound, the first breath of creation, the vibration that ensures existence. The OM symbol signifies, Creation, the ALL and the One-ness of all creation.


The word "hamsa" means five.  It has been associated with a feminine entity, offering protection, and is said to bring it's owner luck, good fortune and joy.  It is a protective sign in all faiths.






"  Naturally occurring timeless awareness—utterly lucid awakened mind—is something marvelous and superb, primordially and spontaneously present.  It is the treasury from which comes the universe of appearances and possibilities, whether of samsara or nirvana.  Homage to the unwavering state, free of elaborations."   Longchen Rabjam