Color Therapy Healing with Green and Pink

The Love Collection was inspired by the famous song "For Your Love" from the 1960s, but the version I found so inspirational was sung by Krishna Das, "Narayana".   The 'discovery' and timing of the song came at the end of 2012, and became  a daily meditation, a ritual, my mantra. As we moved into the New Year,  the year of the Divine Feminine, The Goddess, it became crystal clear, that a new collection would be born, and would focus on the colors of the heart chakra, green and pink.

2013 is the year to keep the heart wide open, as wide as the world !

Most people associate blue with healing. However, green is the universal healing color. The ancient Egyptians and Chinese used green as the primary color of healing. Green is midway in the color spectrum; therefore, it contains both a physical nature and a spiritual nature, in equal balance and in equal harmony.  Green can be used for just about any condition in need of healing.

Green is the color of Nature and the Earth.

Green links with and stimulates the heart chakra. Therefore, it is, truly, representative of Spiritual Healing, because love is the motivating power behind all healing.

Pink is regarded as a feminine color. We celebrate the Divine Feminine this year,  with an open heart, pink symbolizes caring, innocence, romance, emotional love and healing. The color bring assists us in getting in touch with our feelings.

Is it a coincidence, that the color experts at Pantone, have named Emerald Green as the color of 2013! 

Pink is the color of Good Health and an Open Heart.

The Love collection was created with Zambian and natural emeralds, green quartz, pink tourmaline and pink quartz

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline