Mystical, magical and multidimensional.  An ancient symbol fused with the power of Gold .

Our logo has a story!


Faith Marcus is acutely aware of the special properties of the gemstones and minerals she uses in her jewelry designs.  Her designs are not merely pieces of jewelry, but constructs of energetic elements that have unique, esoteric and healing properties.  When Faith contacted me to design her new logo, I wanted to create a visual image that embodied not only her brand, but the special properties found within her art.  Historically, gemstones and minerals have been utilized by many cultures throughout the world for much more than objects to admire.  Symbolism, color and the energy embodied within a stone were extremely important to the ancient Egyptians.   Faith maintains the spirit of this ancient design process where the ultimate look of the piece is only half of its story. 

The other half, of course is the symbolism and healing properties of the stones.  In order to visually present a logo design I needed to create an image that tapped into this idea that jewelry is more than just something to wear.   The design therefore had to appear symbolic, esoteric and elemental.  I also wanted the logo to embody the initials of the company to underscore Faith’s name as a designer and brand.  Ultimately, the logo is truly a sigil, or symbol used in mysticism.  The term sigil derives from ancient Hebrew meaning something that innately has a spiritual effect something akin to a talisman.  The sigil is composed of three letters F, M and D, from Faith Marcus Designs, yet the letters are designed in a way that is not apparent at first glance - a hidden meaning - something beyond the obvious, like her jewelry.

The choice for the logo color was gold.  Gold is a chemical element that symbolizes power and is an important element in healing.  It also is an excellent conductor of electricity or energy which is representative of the additional qualities of Faith’s designs. Finally, the shape of the logo is circular.  The circle is a basic shape, but has tremendous symbolic meaning.  The ancients used the symbol to represent Source or the Universe.  The circle symbolizes wholeness, unity and infinity.   It is also the shape of the planets and stars and in particular our Sun, which sustains life on this planet and in this way interacts with the energy found within the stones Faith uses in her designs.


This back story was written by the designer and creator of the FMD logo, Seti Gershberg, Filmmaker , Photographer and Graphic Designer.  His current project is a documentary about shamanism, ancient knowledge and sacred plants.  More about Seti and the film can be found at The Path of the Sun.